PLP’s Economic Plan Lands with a Thud

Mar 10, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the re-hashed and previously failed agenda items in the PLP’s economic plan:

“What’s old is new again for the woeful PLP and their waning leader, the old and tired Brave Davis. He must have been proud – like Perry Christie was toward Brave back in the day – when his loquacious protégé Chester Cooper dusted off the old PLP playbook from 2012, as they tried to pass it off as a present-day manifesto. Unfortunately for them, Bahamians and the press saw it for what it was with one publication stating, ‘What is missing, is a detailed roadmap to see them achieved’ when it comes to the lofty goals of Davis’ much maligned plan.

“No one will soon forget all the fanciful – and failed – promises from their 2012 venture. Crime would be swiftly dealt with, but lawlessness proliferated. Education expenditures would double, but the resources never came even as test grades and graduation rates fell. Grow the economy? Nope, five straight years of no or net negative growth as our credit rating slid to junk bond status. So Brave and his protégé should not be surprised by the reaction to their ‘plan’. This is a party that the Nassau Guardian Editorial Board wrote, ‘frittered away much of its last term in office, drifting from scandal to scandal and squandering an overwhelming mandate by the Bahamian people’. No one will soon forget especially as Brave, and Chester offer up many of the same lofty promises they failed to keep last time around.

“Look no further than the latest PLP pledge on mortgage relief which the media accurately pointed out how twice the woeful PLP attempted mortgage relief and twice they failed – breaking another campaign promise. Sounding familiar? One wonders why Chester stopped at $200 million in increased revenue from lowering the VAT – a tax they introduced to the country the last time in power as they lost track of the revenue collected. Brave must be proud of his loquacious protégé, but if Chester is just going to make up numbers with no basis in reality then why not one-billion dollars in new revenue? They have no plans to deliver on that or any more of their lofty promises, which only stretches their credulity, but the Bahamian people are not as gullible as Brave, and Chester would hope. They have seen this all before and ended up voting them out in historic fashion.

“If Brave is so keen on transparency – his new fancy word – then maybe he would level with the Bahamian people about the challenges we are facing and have his underlings work with him to come up with a realistic plan, not more of the PLP’s tried and true, empty rhetoric and broken promises. The people deserve more from their elected leaders. That’s why the Minnis Administration will continue making meaningful change – building a more transparent government, a more diverse economy, providing more opportunity for all Bahamians and preparing the nation to rebound stronger than ever in a post-pandemic world, because they know the people deserve nothing less from their elected leader.”


– END –


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