PLP Plan – Same Empty Rhetoric as Before

Mar 8, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s rehashed economic plan:

“As much as the woeful PLP is known for rampant corruption, they also have a well-earned reputation for delivering broken promises and empty rhetoric. No one can soon forget all the lofty ideas and policies they completely failed to live up during their last time in power. From letting crime spiral out of control, to failing to meet the endemic power generation problems; and from wildly missing their intended target in education spending, to implementation of the VAT while leaving our economy in dire fiscal straights with four consecutive credit downgrades, and five years of zero to negative economic growth; the PLP’s incompetence and ineptitude left its mark on The Bahamas.

“Yet hear we are today as Brave Davis and his loquacious mentee, Chester Cooper, want us to forget their disastrous past and ‘trust’ them now because they have ‘a plan’. Forget that this PLP plan re-hashes a lot of old broken promises and commitments, it simply fails to past the smell test as it has no basis in reality in terms of cost. Of course, Brave and his minion would forget the hard part of leadership, that was always their MO while in power. Set aside the PLP’s track record of serving themselves at the people’s expense – they aren’t called the League of Corruption for nothing! The pie in the sky has a mix of unmeasurable price tags along with mimicking initiatives already underway by the Minnis Administration. Brave should realize after serving at the side of Perry Christie that lip-service and lofty lies sound good, but they aren’t a realistic plan for the challenges facing our country after twin historic crises.

“While the PLP, under the old and tired Brave Davis, struggle to get the old gang together, running the same plays from the same tired playbook, the FNM Government will continue working towards a better future for all Bahamians even in the face of these crises. From graduating more Bahamians with a quality education, to resolving decades old problems with BPL; and from increasing transparency and fiscal responsibility, to working to create new opportunities for all Bahamians, not just the chosen few, the Minnis Administration will stay focused on saving lives and getting the country’s economy up and running again as we strive to reach that better future for The Bahamas.”

– END –


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