Is Brave Davis’ Saying He Would Have Fired Himself?

Feb 25, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Davis’ claim he would hold his MPs accountable if he were ever elected Prime Minister:

“We’ve come full circle. It’s laughable that Brave Davis himself is slapping at his mentor, former Prime Minister Perry Christie, suggesting he would hold MPs more accountable than Christie ever did under a Davis lead administration. Besides once again publicly attacking the man responsible for his political standing, what’s even more laughable is based on Brave’s new-found standards he himself would have been tossed from cabinet in the previous administration.

“No one can soon forget how the woeful PLP administration was rife with scandal, corruption, waste and incompetence, all while Brave Davis served as Perry Christie’s top henchman. In fact, the public watched in frustration as one corrupt MP was given a free pass as leaders like Brave Davis either turned a blind eye or jumped in to largely defended them as they looked to sweep their assorted scandals under the rug. But it was Brave Davis who was caught on multiple occasions awarding contracts to friends, family or even himself. Davis abused his position of power for personal gain, wasn’t particularly good at hiding it, and yet walked away suffering no consequences for his actions. By Davis’ newfound standard, Christie should have shown Brave the door years ago. So, Brave saying he’d hold his minions accountable is like the fox guarding the hen house. They must be laughing as loud as the rest of us.

“Now, as Brave reunites his League of Corruption, one wonders how committed he is to this newfound accountability. Like so many other promises the PLP makes when in campaign mode, the people know this is another one they will surely break if Brave was ever elevated to Prime Minister. Bahamians everywhere shudder to think the calamity that would fall on all of us if it ever did. Brave needs to understand that actions speak louder than words and he has shown for a long time Brave Davis cares first and foremost about Brave Davis, not the people he should serve.”

– END –


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