Davis Calls Benefits and Assistance to Struggling Bahamians a Waste

Feb 23, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ response to the Prime Minister’s recent address:

“Under the direction and leadership of Prime Minister Minnis, our FNM government has risen to the challenge of bringing assistance to Bahamians struggling under the economic duress of back-to-back historic crises. In fact, responding to the unprecedented challenges, the Minnis Administration has delivered the largest amount of unemployment benefits in the nation’s history. In addition, millions have been spent to provide desperately needed food assistance to thousands of families while also helping small businesses suffering from the pandemic with loans and grants programs.

“Leave it to Brave Davis – in full campaign mode – to completely ignore these efforts and then suggest they have been wasted – even saying about these desperately needed programs, ‘millions of taxpayers’ dollars being blown’. Brave only sees these programs as a waste because assistance money didn’t wash through his pockets.

“We are not far removed from the days when the previous PLP Government – where Brave Davis served as Perry Christie’s top lieutenant – turned corruption into an artform. They saw any crisis as an opportunity where struggling families were the last to receive the promised relief. Now Brave has embarked on rebuilding his League of Corruption to what ends? It’s clear that he has learned little in his time out of power if he only sees aide programs during a global pandemic as wasted money. Bahamians shudder to think where we’d be if he was actually leading during these crises.

“Despite Davis and the woeful PLP’s continued contradictions and nonsensical criticisms throughout this global pandemic, our FNM government will continue putting Bahamians before politics, because the Prime Minister knows we expect nothing less from our elected leaders.”

– END –


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