PM Minnis Provides Hope with COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Feb 22, 2021


The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s address by Prime Minister Minnis:

“Since our first COVID-19 case in March of last year, our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis has prioritized the health and safety of all Bahamians. Saving lives was his top priority when he was practicing medicine and it’s still the same now as Prime Minister. The steps and measures his Administration have taken working with the experts is getting results – given our low case numbers compared to nations both regionally and around the world. And yesterday’s announcement furthered that commitment, as the Prime Minister sought to spell out the work his Administration and the health experts are doing to roll out the National COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan which we learned is in the final stages of completion as The Bahamas prepares for the first batch of the AstraZeneca vaccines.

“Prime Minister Minnis and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure the infrastructure, software components and logistics of delivering and administering the vaccine are in place so that when it arrives, we will be ready. Prime Minister Minnis also announced in addition to the 100,000 vaccines to be delivered in the coming days, our Government has worked to secure a commitment for a small order of vaccines from the government of India as they continue working to access more vaccines that have been approved by the World Health Organization.

“Every doctor understands first-hand the dangers of a deadly virus such as COVID-19 and the Prime Minister also issued a note of caution, saying, “now is not the time to let our guard down’. He stressed we must remain vigilant and follow the measures that have allowed us to gradually reopen the economy safely.

“While our FNM government’s proactive measures to maintain low case numbers have drawn praises from the international health community and other governments, our Government also maintained a focus on providing the social assistance needed to so many families and small businesses struggling from the economic blow from the back to back historic crises. The Minnis Administration has strived to help those in need – thus far providing millions of dollars every month in emergency assistance to support the special unemployment programs, the food program, and business loans and grants on a scale never before seen in The Bahamas. They are also working to provide additional funding to extend these programs that continue to help thousands of Bahamians.


“Under the direction and leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, our Government will continue working to keep all Bahamians safe by guiding an efficient vaccination campaign while continuing to assist those in need, because he knows we deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”




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