Testimonies Mount Against Nygard, PLP Stays Quiet

Feb 18, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding startling new witness testimony against recently arrested Peter Nygard:

“Startling new revelations continue to trickle out about the PLP’s top donor Peter Nygard, who lavished the party with millions in contributions. The Discovery+ documentary had horrifying first-hand accounts of Nygard’s predatory targeting of his victims including one person testifying that Nygard would, ‘collect their passports and they’d be stuck in the mansion, and these rooms would have codes and they couldn’t leave.’

“Other footage caught Nygard’s self-congratulatory boasts about what his money could buy after the 2012 election, where he considered himself ‘the key instrument’ of the PLP’s 2012 victory. The PLP’s incestuous relationship with Nygard sends a clear and chilling message to many of his victims. Yet to hear Brave Davis tell it, even though much of these alleged crimes took place while he was in power, none of this is relevant today.

“Sadly, for Brave it is relevant to Nygard’s victims who were basically locked in cages as their predator lurked around, waiting to abuse them. The Bahamian people deserve answers now and when members of Brave’s own party admit they have benefited indirectly from Nygard’s financial largesse to their campaigns, it raises even more questions than answers.

“Brave Davis has a moral obligation to come clean and acknowledge the pain and suffering his top donor has caused to so many innocent victims. Until he does, he leaves many Bahamians to wonder who he looks out for, other than himself. The victims of Nygard’s abuse deserve justice and all Bahamians deserve to know the true details of how the PLP elite turned a blind eye to what prosecutors have shown to be a callous, sex trafficking billionaire. And clearly Brave Davis’ dismissive attitude towards these serious allegations prove he has a lot to learn about true leadership if he ever hopes to earn the trust of the people to lead our country.”



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