Government’s Progress Infuriating Davis

Feb 11, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Minority Leader Brave Davis’ latest politically motivated theatrics:

“This FNM government began its tenure in 2017, by improving infrastructure throughout the entire country, cleaning up a landfill the woeful PLP had neglected for years, launched crime reduction initiatives, expanding education for all Bahamians, and focusing on long-term job growth which resulted in two straight years of positive economic growth after 5 years of zero or negative growth under the former PLP Government. When historic crises struck, our FNM government continued its proactive posture, with the priority on saving lives and seeking to help those in need from the inevitable economic impact.

“All along the way, the old and tired Brave Davis has rooted against anything and everything that have moved the country forward. Even today, Brave would rather use the House floor to showcase his politically motivated attacks instead of engaging in meaningful solutions that will unite the country in these challenging times. Sadly, Brave and his team fail to realize, ripping off words and lines from the past used to highlight his party’s repeated incompetence, rampant corruption and failures isn’t policy, it’s just plain embarrassing!

“Yet while Brave Davis was on his latest regurgitated bender, the FNM Government was tabling legislation to meet the people’s expectation for a higher standard of transparency and accountability. After passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act, 2018, which created new standards for transparency and accountability, Prime Minister Minnis is now working to make public financing more transparent and more in line with international expectations.

“By implementing outcomes-based budgeting and reporting, setting parameters for debt ceilings and modernizing our budgeting process, the Minnis Administration is creating a more responsible government for generations to come. Regardless of Brave’s latest antics, the Government will continue its efforts to build a more transparent, accountable government that serves all Bahamians, not just the chosen few served by Brave and the previous PLP Government.”

– END –


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