FNM Fighting to Expunge Records for Marijuana Offense

Feb 9, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Government’s progress in bringing legislation to update marijuana laws:

“As our FNM government is working to rebuild an economy that has suffered two historic and staggering crises, it is also working to move meaningful legislation to help Bahamians that successive governments have neglected. The Minnis Administration announced after years of research and examination, the Government is moving forward on true marijuana reforms.

“Growing up Over the Hill, and eventually working his way up to become a doctor, Prime Minister Minnis recognizes and understands the challenges many Bahamians face. And while some can struggle to find work even in the best of times, small marijuana charges can make it much harder for some to secure meaningful work to provide for their family. A dark mark on their record for a minor transgression can lead to a lifetime of hardship. Our Prime Minister, Dr. Minnis, says no more. He has encouraged Bahamians with records of minor offenses to apply to have their records expunged, so they can have access to opportunity and success that others enjoy and work for.

“In addition to expunging records of minor marijuana offenses and decriminalizing the possession of small amounts, moving forward our Government is opening the door to safely allow the commerce of marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes. This historic move will open new channels of business while providing doctors with new avenues of treatment.

“These steps build on the Minnis Administration’s continued commitment to moving The Bahamas forward as they seek to make the future better for all Bahamians, because they know we deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”



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