Global Health Community Praises The Bahamas Pandemic Response

Jan 25, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Government’s leadership in fighting the global pandemic, in light of the latest GCI ranking:

“From the very beginning of the global pandemic, our government, under the leadership of Prime Mister Minnis, made the health and safety of all Bahamians its number one priority. For Dr. Minnis it was the same priority when practicing medicine. Working with healthcare experts, the private sector and allowing data to dictate decisions rather than politics, the Minnis Administration is getting results thus far, but stress that we must remain vigilant.

“Just last week, The Global COVID-19 Index (GCI) identified The Bahamas among the countries with ‘a low percentage of infections and resulting deaths per population.’ Because of the difficult but necessary decisions our government has made since summer, The Bahamas is ‘among the countries that have made the most progress in curtailing the spread of the pandemic’, according to the GCI. It highlighted measures implemented by the Minnis Administration, stating they, ‘can be used as examples of best practices’ in managing COVID-19. Only 27 countries are considered to have ‘tamed the COVID-19 pandemic’ according to, and The Bahamas is one of them.

“Prime Minister Minnis, who made a career of caring for people’s lives from the clinic to the emergency room, continues to look out for all Bahamians, because he knows the battle against COVID-19 is not over. Nobody is working harder than the Minnis Administration to keep Bahamians safe as they lead a comprehensive economic recovery to put Bahamians back to work. The back-to-back crises that have hammered The Bahamas may be unprecedented in our nation’s history, but our resolve is equally unrivaled and provides the opportunity to create a Bahamas that will give all Bahamians more opportunity than ever before.”

– END –


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