Government’s Leadership Helping Avoid Third Wave of Pandemic

Jan 20, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the continued success in preventing a COVID-19 surge:

“From the outset of a global pandemic that has taken lives, wrecked economies and changed our way of life, our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has prioritized the health and safety of Bahamians with the goal of avoiding an outbreak of unmanageable levels of the deadly virus. Many of the protocols he and his Administration have developed, with help from health experts and implemented with input from community leaders, have gotten results. And as we witness horrifying reports of the virus raging in other parts of the world – including our neighbours to the north where the United States has surpassed 400,000 dead from the virus – we have thankfully, thus far, avoided the worst.

“And we have avoided the surges we’ve seen elsewhere even as we slowly and safely look to re-open the economy in a responsible manner. And as true leaders do, Prime Minister Minnis is not declaring victory, he is stressing caution and vigilance as his Administration continues to work tirelessly to beat back the pandemic from our shores – including organizing the eventual vaccine distribution effort.

“Indecisive policy, a lack of public buy-in and hypocritical leadership on the part of politicians has prevented many countries around the world from an effective fight against the pandemic. But not here, even with the politically motivated naysayers. And while the Minnis Administration makes clear the battle is far from over, we know their leadership is getting results as they implore us to continue taking the precautions we know have been working to maintain these low case levels.

“We know under the leadership of Prime Minister Minnis, our Government will continue fighting to save lives and drive towards a responsible and comprehensive economic recovery. They know if we all continue to work together as we have, we will overcome this unprecedented crisis and build the path to a greater future for all Bahamians.”



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