Brave Davis and Nygard’s Son on Opposite Ends of the Controversy

Jan 19, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Brave Davis’ continued silence surrounding his association with Peter Nygard:

“Two individuals close to Peter Nygard, his son Kai Bickle, and his ally, Brave Davis are on opposite sides when it comes to the foreign billionaire pedophile. A recent New York Post article shed light on the indictment of Peter Nygard, that came about through the help of Nygard’s own son. In the article, Kai stated ‘He (Peter Nygard) has become my arch-nemesis. I no longer regard him as my father.’ He went on to claim that though he has never received any money from his father, he renounces any inheritance left for him.

“This begs the questions, how is it easier for Nygard’s own son to renounce his relationship and his father’s money, even helping the victims seek justice, yet brave Davis refuses to break his silence. We still wait for Brave Davis to answer basic questions: How much did Nygard contribute to the PLP’s 2017 campaign while Brave served as Christie’s top lieutenant? Why won’t Davis come clean on any contributions or moneys he and his PLP have received from Nygard – their chief benefactor? Will they publicly state they will not take any further contributions from Nygard going forward?

“It is a sad day when political leaders shun the people they are indebted to serve, to reap financial benefits or support to maintain their grip on power. Prosecutors in the case against Peter Nygard claim, ‘ Nygard was close with Brave Davis and paid bribes to him and his political allies’. It is time Davis address the horrific allegations and come clean.

“While master of corruption Brave Davis and the woeful leadership of the PLP protect foreign billionaires that pillage The Bahamas, our FNM government will continue fighting for the Bahamian people, saving lives during a global health crisis, and building a prosperous future for all Bahamians for generations to come.

– END –


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