Prime Minister Minnis Delivers Hope in Business Outlook Update

Jan 18, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Prime Minister’s business outlook address for 2021:

“Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has been one of the first to acknowledge the harsh economic realities brought on by an unprecedented global pandemic. And as the deadly virus rages out of control throughout the world, especially to our closest neighbour to the north, we avoided the worst of what other countries are facing because of his strong leadership and work to implement safety protocols developed with health care experts. And by comparison to other countries those efforts are not just saving lives, but also offering the Bahamas the first glimmers of hope that we will be able to put this virus behind us at some point this year. This is why Prime Minister Minnis’ business outlook for 2021 provides encouraging signs that will allow his administration to get back to their efforts – well underway – to build a better Bahamas.

“While the previous Christie Administration made plenty of promises and spoke of innumerable plans concerning the economy, they never followed through. Leaving a long line and list of empty rhetoric and broken promises swallowing up the country in annual zero or negative growth, a wasteland of crumbling infrastructure and a raging crime epidemic. Simply put, prior to the current Administration coming into office, Bahamians suffered through successive governments who kicked the can down the road on the important issues required to see sustainable economic growth.

“The Prime Minister’s business outlook address showed – while the global pandemic has adversely impacted our people and the economy – we still have a plan to move the country forward as we recover from the deadly pandemic. From acceleration of the Sovereign Wealth Fund to developing Public-Private Partnerships to much needed infrastructure projects, the Prime Minister is showing the way forward and building on the solid foundation laid before the unprecedented crises hit our country.

“He also noted his Administration will soon reveal the beta pilot of it’s one-stop-shop E-government platform that will allow citizens to renew driver’s licenses, attain copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, and renew adult passports online.

“No one could have predicted the unprecedented hardships the global pandemic has brought this past year, but as the Prime Minister showed in his address, the Administration is poised to get back to work building a better Bahamas for everyone. With a vaccine at hand, and safety protocols doing their job, we can look to 2021 as a year of hope and advancement as the country begins to re-open and recover. So, while the woeful PLP remains busy attempting to score cheap political points during a global crisis, Prime Minister Minnis will keep working with his team, focusing on saving lives, honoring its promises in developing The Bahamas and getting back to growing our economy so generations today and to come have the opportunities they deserve.”

– END –


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