PLP’s COVID-19 task Force A Political Side Show

Jan 15, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) non-participative pandemic response group:

“From the outset of the pandemic, the Minnis Administration has worked to bring people together to find solutions to a worldwide crisis that comes with no prior playbook. Yet, from the outset the woeful PLP has tried to use the pandemic for political gain, instead of putting country before ambitions.

“The Government’s COVID-19 committee is made up of accomplished health professionals and experts and works with a wide range of community leaders seeking input as they tackle these unimaginable challenges. Sadly, the PLP castigates efforts to save lives from the outside by often rejecting invitations to join the briefings and sessions. And when they aren’t offering up their hypocritical often non-sensical attacks a lot of times the PLP are essentially calling for solutions already being implemented.

“On Tuesday, Prime Minister announced a vaccine committee, led by Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis, who was named a public health hero by the Pan-American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. She is only the second Caribbean national and the first Caribbean woman to be named a public health hero. Nevertheless, minutes after the Prime Minister’s announcement, the PLP trotted out the same old, duplicitous recommendations, as if the old and tired Brave Davis, his chief henchmen Fred Mitchell or their loquacious protégé, Chester Cooper, are more qualified than award winning medical expert, Dr. Dahl-Regis.

“The PLP’s PR antics amidst this real and serious crisis impacting real families has become sickening to everyone but themselves. Fortunately, we have a real doctor leading the country. And Prime Minister Minnis has surrounded himself with other medical experts to assist in making calculated, data-driven decisions – not partisan, overly ambitious politicians. It’s safe to say that our Prime Minister will continue prioritizing saving lives, while working to help soften the pandemic’s economic hardships as we work to overcome the crisis together.”


– END –

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