Mitchell Can’t Pit PLP Foolery on Anyone but Themselves

Jan 7, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Fred Mitchell’s wildly inaccurate assertions surrounding oil drilling in The Bahamas:

“Like a broken record the woeful PLP is once again attempting to wipe away their past decisions that have transpired into embarrassment. This time, PLP Chairmen Fred Mitchell went on the defence regarding the disastrous oil drilling deal that was negotiated under the Christie administration when Brave Davis served as Christie’s top lieutenant. If anyone is ‘intellectually dishonest, or disgraceful,’ it is the PLP’s league of corruption headed by Brave Davis and his blind followers like Fred Mitchell.

“The Christie Administration, in their incompetence, negotiated the worst oil drilling contract in the world, so it’s no mystery as to why they are working so hard to wash their hands and blame our government for the debacle they left. Mitchell can try to spin the truth all he would like, but he can’t spin history – a history ridden with PLP incompetence, deceit, corruption and cover ups.

“Unlike the woeful PLP, our FNM government isn’t busy spending it’s time mocking up empty, cotton-candy statements but working tirelessly to keep Bahamians safe and our economy open during a crisis unlike any other The Bahamas has faced. Despite back-to-back crisis, construction and development continues because our Prime Minister is determined to move The Bahamas forward with better infrastructure, expanded access to education and job growth in every corner of the nation. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Minnis, our government will continue prioritizing people over politics, and we encourage our friends on the other side of the aisle to do the same.”

– END –


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