New Year, Same Old Brave Davis

Jan 5, 2021

The Free National Movement (FNM) issued the following statement regarding Minority Leader, Brave Davis’ dismissive attitude towards the recent indictment of Peter Nygard:

“It’s been over three weeks since Peter Nygard, the PLP’s chief foreign benefactor, was indicted and arrested on the very troubling charges of sex trafficking, racketeering and more. Yet while the prosecutor’s case revealed Nygard’s involvement and support for the PLP were was in fact more than rumour, Brave Davis has downplayed and been outright dismissive of the explosive allegations spelled out in the indictment.

“Davis went so far as to act as if he couldn’t recall Nygard’s full name for the cameras before outright dismissing the serious charges levelled against Peter Nygard. It’s been widely reported he and his party accepted millions of dollars from Nygard and the indictment laid out what Nygard expected from his largesse. Enough with the theatrics Brave, you and your PLP owe the Bahamian people some straight-forward answers, this man – your top contributor – is to have allegedly, systematically targeted our young girls for their own depravity. These serious allegations require an acknowledgment and a response.

“Besides finally publicly acknowledging the victims – not just a random tweet sent out by a staffer – Brave needs to let the people know once and for all how much did Nygard contribute to the PLP’s 2017 campaign when he was Christie’s top lieutenant? Can Brave honestly state his PLP has not taken any money from Nygard since the 2017 election and will they disavow any further contributions from him? And when will they contribute the amount of money they took from Nygard to a victims’ fund?

“The Bahamians are hopeful that in the process of justice being served on Nygard, those who enabled him and protected his atrocities are also held accountable. That starts with honest public discussions and not the continuing theatrics, because the FNM knows the people deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”

– END –


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